“. . . For you were made from dust,

and to dust you will return.”


The beginning of the end,

The curse that still chases after me today.

I am the woman easily deceived and still running.

As the earth continues to echo about that fallen day in the garden.


I am the woman wrapped with shackles clinging tightly to my wrists

Forever linking me to the ground cursed to the endless depths by my biggest mistake.

It shouts of my one regret.

Mankind… Wo-mankind… forever changed because of it.


I wear the chains that scream I have no worth,

They whisper lies of shame,

Clutch onto my every movement to say my effort makes no difference.


Because I’m the woman who took the bite.

The woman who fed the poison to my husband.

I’m the woman still punished.

… The one who still deserves it.


Or so I’ve heard for far too long…


What if…


What if I’m the woman who says enough is enough.


What if I’m the woman who quits fighting to loosen my own chains.


What if I’m the woman who opens her hands in worship

To the only One with the power to set me free.


What if I’m the woman who takes what was buried in dust and instead plants roots…

Deep in foundation breathed out of perfect love.


What if I’m the woman no longer linked to the curse of the past,

But linking generations in front of me to the One true hope.


What if I’m the woman who makes a home in forgiveness,

And against all the odds breaks the surface.


What if cultivated by the same dust that once covered me,

I’m the woman who stretches far and wide now

Growing more precious fruit than I can hold.


What if I’m the woman who savors every delicious bite that falls on my plate now.


All to show the dirt the Truth…


There’s a voice that whispers,


“You are that woman.”