It started as a stack of gifted declaration cards… Over 100 of God’s truths… Reminders of what He thinks of me for the days I spend feeling unseen…

Who Am I?


It was the match that when lit ignited the junk in my life, broke me off from the past, and began a revolution in me… Even as nothing changed.

But when your mess in the dark finally comes to the light, it’s hard to stay the same.

Who Am I?


Do you talk about God more than you talk to God?

It only takes one scroll through your phone to find the internet’s best “faith-filled” self-help gurus.

But if we lived as half the people we paint ourselves to be maybe we’d have less mess in the dark and more masterpieces in the light…

That was free. Write a post about it.

But what if you uploaded every lesson you posted to the feed of your heart…. Not just for likes, but something you actually use in your life.

Who Am I?


Not a game to be played.

Not a victory to win.

I am more than a season.

I am more than a dream…

Who Am I?


Can I really be mad at the dreams broken at my feet?

With everything I’ve seen, everything I’ve heard, everything I know… I was bound to wake up eventually and realize that I grabbed a seat on the train leading to nowhere all on my own.

And dreams speak too.

We talk a lot about the future, the “soon” and the “someday” …

Maybe the break comes when I wake up to the reality that my time is the only thing in this life I have to waste.

Who Am I?


What if the broken dreams at my feet are really the glass ceiling I placed on my own life?

And the pieces around me are evidence that it’s finally come crashing down.

What if there’s more…?

And I’m the one meant to soar there.

Who Am I?


I am patience and joy in the storm…

The seed that’s already been sown…

Maybe this rain is right on time.

Who Am I?


“You are everything you believe you are…” is what I heard.

In that case, I decided I am Faith personified.

And Faith walks…

Head held high.

Her direction is always forward.




My frame was not hidden from You,

When I was made in secret,

And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth…

Psalm 139:15