Blind, I wandered through the darkness.

Alone. Stumbling… falling… helpless.

I wondered to myself why the only sound to be heard

Was my own voice bouncing

Off of the darkness and back to the open space.

My own sea of fear… doubt… and bitterness.


The seeds of my potential falling from my heart.

But not sown into pasture

They are lost in the vast unending darkness around me.

Stumbling through the road of myself

I clung and wrestled with only the seed of your promise…


Then came the day I tripped to the end…

Views wide shut you stripped the blades from my eyes.

And I saw that I wasn’t drowning in my own ocean of darkness…

But really it glowed… it illuminated… it blinded.


The seed of my hope was really the remnants of my cross

Falling faithfully at your feet.

Face-first at the end of myself,

A blooming sunflower now

I basked… I soaked… I lost myself.

As all of my heart yielded

To the warm embrace of the Son.